Zoll AED Plus

Product Overview


  • A Medical Control System Designed for Your Needs Medical control has been designed around your hardware and software. Event data, including all machine information, associated ECG, and audio, are downloaded via a standard IRDA port, found on most laptops and easily added to most desktops. Data is available on ZOLL Data Review or ZOLL Data Control archiving and analysis software for medical control, retrospective analysis and reports. 
  • Self-Testing and Alarms To Assure Constant Readiness, the ZOLL AED Plus constantly monitors its condition. The status indicator shows either a green ìî or a red ìXî to indicate clearly whether the unit is ready for use. When the unit requires new batteries, it sounds an audible alarm and displays the red ìX.î 
  • Everything You Need for the Rescue in One Kit The CPR-D padz comes complete with a barrier mask, a razor, scissors, disposable gloves and a towelette.

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