Check In Systems Kiosks

Product Overview

Eliminate staff interruptions and increase your office efficiency with our easy-to-use patient sign-in kiosks The average sign-in time with a touch-screen kiosk takes fewer than 10 seconds. It’s so simple to use, the user won’t have to ask the front desk about how to use it. Receptionists can continue do their jobs without interruption while patients sign in. The information is then presented on their computers eliminating the reach for the clipboard 100 times a day. Add up the savings and you save 2 hours per day in the average 60 patient per day office.

Touch screen kiosks are the latest appliance to improve both patient flow and office efficiency. Upon arrival patients are immediately logged with a one screen sign in that replaces the traditional paper sign in sheet. Clear and legible patient information is presented in an organized check list on each computer. This sidebar display is compatible with any and all practice management software. Patients are automatically sorted to help your office staff direct patients to the proper place.

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