Advanced Clinical Products – VatPlus Vestibular Test

Product Overview
• Only 18 seconds

Physiological — Screens VOR function
• Tests Horizontal & Vertical Canals

Test the Motion Range from 2 – 6 Hz
• Natural Everyday Motions
• The motions your patients complain about.

Easy to Perform — Just look at a target … and
• Shake your head NO …….then
• Shake your head YES

Great for all Ages
• Pediatric or Adults

Provides Diagnostic Information
• Monitors VOR Systems.
• Monitors Smooth Pursuit System.

Monitors Vestibular Rehabilitation
• Objective Documentation.

Headband/Skin slippage software
• Built-in algorithms eliminate data error.

Visual Vergence system correction
• Each data point corrected for eye to target distance.

Artifact Detector
• Eye blinks automatically removed.

Microchip Rotational Sensors
• Senses Horizontal or vertical head motion.

Helps you to Design a Treatment Plan
• Specific to your patient’s needs.
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