Welch Allyn AED10 Automated External Defibrillator

Product Overview

Each year, thousands of otherwise healthy individuals suffer sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). At work, in the gym, even in the doctor’s office SCA can strike anyone, anywhere, at just about any moment. And without immediate defibrillation, a victim’s hope for survival is slim. That’s why Welch Allyn created the AED 10 (automated external defibrillator). Trusted by doctors for innovative products for almost 100 years, Welch Allyn designed the AED 10 with the minimally trained rescuer in mind. The Welch Allyn AED 10 allows the first person on the scene of SCA to administer life-saving treatment without losing precious time waiting for emergency responders. By using the straightforward and proven '1-2-3' rescue approach, the AED 10 promotes a quick, no-hesitation response when SCA strikes. Because when SCA occurs, every second counts.

Saving a life can be as easy as '1-2-3'

Easy to use as '1-2-3'

Step 1:
Press the large green ON button.
Step 2:
Voice and text prompts guide the first responder through the rescue from beginning to end. Color coded pads with illustration simplify pad placement.
Step 3:
Deliver treatment if necessary - The device will not deliver a shock unless the patient requires one.

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