Disposable Mouthpieces and Filters

Product Overview

SpiroSafe Filter

The SpiroSafe viral/bacterial filter is designed to fit most spirometers.  The affordably priced SpiroSafe filter effectively traps 99.99% of bacteria and 99.84% of viruses, protecting both the patient and the healthcare professional. 

The low resistance and small dead space combine to preserve the accuracy of the test results.  The SpiroSafe filters are sold in a box of 100.


MicroCheck Mouthpieces

The low cost MicroCheck mouthpieces is the ideal choice when performing expiratory only spirometry testing. 

The MircroCheck was designed to reduce the chance of cross contamination during spirometry testing. The one way valve prevents the patient from accidentally inhaling during a spirometry.  The mouthpieces are sold in a box of 200.

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