Midmark Diagnostics 625 Barrier Free Exam Table

Product Overview

Midmark 625 Barrier Free Exam Table

The Midmark 625 offers all the capacity, accessibility and connectivity needed to provide excellent patient care without additional strain on you and your staff. Plus, with timesaving new features built into the table, you’ll be able to face the future of healthcare knowing that time truly is on your side.

Features include:
  • Power height and back
  • 650-pound patient weight capacity
  • 18-inch to 37-inch seat height adjustment
  • Unique Quick Exam™ and Motion Profiling™ control features for more efficient patient positioning
  • Optional IQscale™ and IQHub™ offers a digital scale built into the table and easy access receptacles and data ports

Midmark 625Midmark 625Midmark 625Midmark625
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