Product Overview

Unique in the world, All in one

  • Spirometer with 6000 test memory.
  • Oximeter with 1000 hours recording.
  • Stand alone or PC online operation.
  • Graphic display with user friendly icons.
  • Patient identification by name or ID code.
  • Bluetooth® connection to printer or mobile phone.
  • USB, RS232 and wireless acoustic modem.
  • Upgradeable internal software via internet.


Spirometry features

  • Automatically records the best 3 trials.
  • Internal temperature sensor for automatic BTPS.
  • Advanced spirometry test interpretation.
  • Lung age estimation.


Sp02 module (option)

  • Sleep disorder detection with events recording.
  • Six minute walk test with automatic alarm for rest, walk and recovery.
  • Parameters directly shown on the display (min, max, mean SpO2 and Pulse Rate, Δ Index, T90, T89, T88, T5, ODI, NOD, Desaturation Area etc.).
  • Its innovative functions make it the most unique oximeter on the market


winspiroPRO PC software

Spirometry program

  • Flow/Volume and Volume/time curves.
  • PRE-POST bronchodilator comparison.
  • FEV1 dose-response curve.
  • Exclusive paediatric incentive system.
  • Advanced spirometry test interpretation.
  • Several sets of predicted values.
  • Integration with Electronic Medical Record.
  • Data and graphs export also via e-mail.


 Oximetry program

  • PC online with SpO2 and Pulse Rate trend.
  • Desaturation events analysis.
  • Possibility to modify the registered data (start/end walk test phase, artefacts, etc.).
  • One of the most distinctive elements of the spirobank II is the 'specialised and detailed' printout in colour, which is easy to read and facilitates the diagnostic interpretation


Available options

  • Adult reusable SpO2 finger probe
  • Adult disposable SpO2 finger probe
  • Paediatric reusable SpO2 finger probe
  • Neonatal reusable SpO2 probe
  • Neonatal disposable SpO2 probe
  • SpO2 extension cable
  • RS232 cable for PC


Two different flowmeters available

  • FlowMir disposable turbine for single patient use
  • High accuracy.
  • Easy to replace.
  • Very low cost.
  • Designed for use with MIR spirometers.
  • FlowMIR is factory calibrated.
  • Available in box of 100 pieces.
  • No maintenance – No filter – No problem.
  • Hygiene 100% guaranteed by single packaging.
  • Reusable turbine for long term operation
  • High accuracy
  • Long term stability
  • Easy to clean or sterilize


Standard price includes

  • spirobank II base unit
  • USB cable
  • Carrying case
  • Plastic noseclip
  • 4 AAA alkaline batteries
  • winspiroPRO software CD


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