The DigiDop Pocket Doppler

Product Overview
The DigiDop Pocket Doppler

• The best part of every DigiDop is what’s inside. We use digital signal processing - similar to that in modern high-end audio equipment - to reduce unwanted background noise and let the real Doppler sounds through bright and clear. We call it DOP - Digitally Optimized Processing. The Doppler with DOP!

• Unlike plastic probe holders, our magnetic probe holder won’t break or weaken with time. Strong magnets hold the probe firmly and safely.

• GO GREEN! Our rechargeable systems cost no more than most competitors’ non-rechargeable units, reduce battery waste and do hundreds of exams before needing recharging.

• For display units, the backlit display is easy to see even in extremes like no light or bright sunlight. In addition to a very accurate heart rate, it shows battery condition, our signal confidence level and probe indicator.
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