ECG-1500K and ECG-1550K

Product Overview


  • Paperless model (ECG-1500K) and built-in recorder model (ECG-1550K)
  • Meets IEC60601-2-51 new international standard for digital electrocardiographs specifying accuracy and digital filter performance
  • 12.1 inch TFT LCD screen on a swivel arm
  • 'Actual size' display with grid lines - waveforms on the display are the same size as waveforms on the printout
  • 5 minute memory storage of all 12 lead waveforms
  • On-screen comparison of average waveforms of 5 different exams
  • Large memory capacity: approximately 400 patients × 10 seconds of 12 lead ECG wave and patient information. Approximately 2,500 patients data can be stored on a QM-040V flash disk card.
  • Data transfer to PC by QM-040V memory card, LAN, or wireless LAN with optional interface
  • ECG Data can be reviewed and managed on a Windows PC with the optional ECG Viewer software
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