StatStrip Xpress

Product Overview

A new, low cost hospital blood glucose meter from Nova Biomedical provides all of the superior analytical performance of Nova's patented* Multi-Wellª test strip for those testing situations where glucose meter interface capability is not needed. The introduction of StatStrip Xpress provides hospitals a choice of glucose monitors with or without a connectivity solution using the same Multi-Well test strip.

Like the StatStrip Glucose Hospital Meter, StatStrip Xpress elevates bedside glucose testing to a new level of analytical performance that approaches the quality of central laboratory testing. It incorporates a new strip technology that uses four measuring wells. Nova's Multi-Well system measures and corrects hematocrit interference, as well as interferences from acetaminophen (Tylenol), uric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). StatStrip Xpress also eliminates oxygen, maltose, galactose, and xylose interferences. Freedom from interferences, coupled with excellent correlation to central laboratory reference methods, provides improved accuracy compared to conventional meters and strips.

StatStrip Xpress' 6-second analysis time, small 1.2 microliter sample size, and simple operating steps make bedside glucose testing fast and easy. Unlike competitive glucose analyzers, StatStrip Xpress requires no calibration codes. This eliminates a potential error source, reduces the number of steps required for testing, and allows StatStrip Xpress manufacturing lots to be used interchangeably.

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