Koko Spirometer

Product Overview
  • Incentive Graphics.  Real-time graphic displays assist patients throughout spirometry testing encouraging complete testing results.
  • Large Storage Capacity. Each memory card stores over 750 patients with up to 8 studies per patient.
  • Printing Options.  Choose from Legend’s built-in thermal printer or opt for direct USB connection for 8 1/2” x 11” or A4 printing.
  • KoKo PFT Software.  Optional software with customizable reporting, for long-term trending of patient data.
  • Battery Operation.  Rechargeable battery allows you to bring the KoKo Legend from room to room or across town.
  • Merlin™ networking & connectivity is fully compatible with the majority of electronic medical records systems (EMR) and hospital information networks via the KoKo PFT software.
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