OraSure Ora Quick Advance HIV-1/2

Product Overview

The OraQuick ADVANCEĀ® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test is an FDA-approved point of care screening test for use with oral fluid, fingerstick or venous whole blood and plasma. The test delivers lab accurate results within 20 minutes with less than 2 minutes of hands on time. CDC guidelines call for routine testing in all healthcare settings to identify all HIV positive people and connect them to care. This simple test is ideal for testing programs in both clinical and non-clinical settings, as well as outreach events. Examples include urgent care, labor and delivery, laboratories and physician offices.

OraQuick HIV-1/2 Antibody Test

OraQuick ADVANCE HIV-1/2 Rapid Antibody Test
The early HIV antibody detection test for recent infection
  • >99% accuracy
  • Comparable to 3rd generation lab-accurate results including IgM antibody detection

  • Multiple specimen types including oral fluid, fingerstick & venipuncture whole blood, and plasma

  • Proven performance with over 40 million tests worldwide
  • High positive predictive value; excellent specificity

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