Sensaire® Handheld Spirometer

Product Overview
The Sensaire was tested by the LDS Hospital Pulmonary Laboratory against 26 demanding waveform tests.


  • Pre-calibrated, biodegradable, disposable mouthpieces that eliminate the need to sterilize or calibrate the equipment.
  • Exceeds the ATS Standardization of Spirometry Guidelines (1994).
  • Print to your PC or direct to most printers through the base station/charger.
  • Stores 300 patient tests for instant access and easy download.
  • Uses rechargeable batteries (included) for weeks of testing.
  • Touch screen allows for easy “tap in” entry of patient names and demographics.
  • FVC, MVV, SCV, Flow Volume Loops, Pre/Post Testing.
  • 3-year Hardware Warranty.
  • Educational Resources