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Product Overview

Product Overview

Patient health is reliant on accurate and timely diagnosis but this can only be facilitated through the use of high quality tests. Randox has been providing laboratories with revolutionary diagnostic solutions for over 30 years. This experience has led to the creation of a market-leading product portfolio of diagnostic reagents which are internationally recognised as being of the highest quality, offering reliable and rapid results.

With more than 100 clinical assays available, Randox offer a complete product portfolio which includes both routine chemistries and speciality assays. Randox reagents cover testing panels including Antioxidants, Cardiac, Diabetes, Drugs of Abuse, Hepatic Function, Lipids, Metabolic Profile, Renal Function, Specific Proteins and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

Benefits of Randox Reagents
  • Randox Easy Read reagents - reagents packaged in dedicated, barcoded bottles for use on a range of clinical chemistry analyzers therefore removing the need for any additional steps
  • Randox Easy Fit reagents - reagents presented in bottles designed to fit into channels of a range of different analyzers. These reagents are used in conjunction with validated analyzer applications which ensures optimum ease of programming and use
  • Wide range of reagent formats and methods available - ensuring individual user requirements are satisfied
  • Consistency of quality - Randox is committed to excellence in the area of assay development with Randox reagents displaying minimum lot-to-lot variability in performance
  • Excellent correlation to reference methods - providing proof of quality and confidence in testing using Randox reagents

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