Product Overview

'Ensuring superior performance in the laboratory'

The RX daytona is a fully automated, random access, benchtop analyzer capable of performing high quality testing on a compact, easy to use clinical chemistry analyzer for accurate results you can trust. Its comprehensive and flexible test menu allows the consolidation of a wide range of routine and esoteric tests including routinely run chemistries, specific proteins, veterinary tests, therapeutic drugs and drugs of abuse on one easy to use platform. The RX daytona is capable of performing 180 photometric tests per hour and 270 ISE tests per hour.

An extensive dedicated clinical chemistry test menu provides consolidation of routine and specialized tests onto one platform, combined with the ability to run emergency samples ensures optimum efficiency in the laboratory and rapid turnaround of STAT samples.
  • Automatic calculation of remaining reagent volume and number of tests available
  • 40 cooled reagent positions allows overnight storage on-board the analyser while extending stability and reducing reagent wastage
  • Unique three speed rotating stirrers optimise mixing for each assay
  • Serum indices detect haemolysed, icteric or lipaemic samples, aiding decisions for further testing
  • Liquid level and crash detection on reagent and sample micropipettes
  • Minimal daily maintenance and lowest service requirements in its class
  • Permanent Pyrex® cuvettes with 5 year lifespan
  • 40 positions for samples, calibrators and controls
  • Automatic reagent and sample barcode identification
  • Immediate sample interruption for STAT addition
  • Automatic generation of Levey Jennings charts, running mean values & QC statistics
  • User defined multi-point rules to identify any trends or bias
  • Microsoft Windows based software offering ease of navigation with minimal training requirements
  • Easy to follow reports and real time results status including time to completion
  • Storage capacity of 100,000 test results including 10,000 patient results and data for up to 30 controls

Avoid the expense of sending out testing, perform it in-house with the RX series and see the benefits of a more cost effective office.

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