Product Overview

'Offering speed, accuracy & reliability'

RX imola is a compact fully automated bench-top clinical chemistry analyzer. Capable of handling the workload of a medium to high throughput laboratory, the RX imola provides rapid comprehensive testing with an extensive dedicated test menu.

The most versatile bench-top analyzer in its class, RX imola is capable of 400 photometric tests per hour & 240 ISE tests per hour and combines superior quality, intuitive software and minimal maintenance for increased productivity, reduced downtime and results you can trust.

The RX imola is a cost effect system that delivers consistent high quality results while offering time, labor and cost saving benefits in addition to STAT sampling functionality which boosts productivity and saves time when it matters most.
  • Dual reagent probe minimizes carry over increasing accuracy and throughput capabilities
  • Five speed mixing arms eliminate foaming and ensures adequate mixing of latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric reagents
  • 90 cuvettes onboard with cuvette check function ensuring only clean and viable reaction vessels are reused
  • Unique loading hatch allows emergency samples to be analysed quickly and easily at any time
  • Storage capacity of 1,000,000 test results including 25,000 calibration results
  • Automatically generates Levey-Jennings Charts, running mean values and QC statistics
  • Up to 10 user defined multipoint rules
  • Integrated ISE unit for sodium, potassium and chloride
  • Serum indices check the integrity of patient samples flagging if samples are deemed icteric, haemolytic or lipaemic
  • Dedicated micropipette facilitates crash protection, bubble and four levels of clot detection
  • Five year reusable Pyrex┬« cuvettes removes cost of expensive consumables
  • Universal sample carousel holds 72 samples and is suitable for use with all standard sample vessels
  • 20 cooled control and calibrator positions onboard enables all the quality control material to remain on the analyser without compromising stability
  • Up to 50 reference ranges can be specified for each assay
  • Pre-programmed settings for all dedicated bar-coded reagents and closed channels removes the need to input parameters manually - select 60 parameters at any one time from a database of 500

Avoid the expense of sending out testing, perform it in-house with the RX series and see the benefits of a more cost effective office.

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