Product Overview

'Reliable and flexible for low-volume testing'

RX monza is a compact semi-automated analyser with all the functionality of a larger, fully automated instrument ideal for low-volume testing in clinical laboratories, specialized clinics, research laboratories, veterinary laboratories and in food and wine testing facilities.

The ability to perform clinical chemistry and coagulation testing, along with the flexibility of pre-programmable channels, ensures flexibility and unrivalled performance. The extensive RX Series test menu allows for complete patient profiling, while opening new and exciting opportunities for routine and specialised testing.

Versatile, easy to use software provides step by step instructions and easy to follow reports, ensuring the RX monza provides a consistent user performance, delivering accurate results you can trust.
  • Intuitive operations ensure straightforward testing for enhanced productivity
  • Minimal training requirements needed, saving time and costs
  • No confirmatory testing required with high quality results first time, every time, saving unnecessary additional costs
  • Low maintenance requirements and one annual service carried out by the user removes cost of expensive engineer call outs
  • Analyze a wide range of analytes from as little as 5┬Ál of sample
  • Space saving compact bench top design
  • Ability to run flow cell mode or cuvette mode ensures a maximum number of chemistries can be performed on one system
  • Up to eight wavelengths can be generated via optical filters e.g. 340, 415, 510, 548, 578, 600, 660 and 700nm ensuring a multitude of chemistries are possible on one system
  • Automatic storage of up to 1000 patient results
  • Password protection function for QC result inclusion/exclusion, analyser setup and assay management ensure only those who should have access can gain access
  • Superior built in QC software automatically generates Levey-Jennings Charts
  • The ability to run three types of QC for each method ensure that problems are detected and rectified quickly

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