CoaguChek® XS

Product Overview

CoaguChek® XS Meter

  • 97% accuracy to lab for confidence in results*
  • Only handheld, CLIA-waived PT/INR monitoring system that neutralizes therapeutic levels of heparin and low molecular weight heparin within a specified range. See package insert for more information.
  • Two levels of built-in, onboard controls within the test chamber

Easy to use
  • Test results in about one minute with a small 8 µl sample
  • Large top- and side-dosing area enables easy sample application
  • Outside meter blood application — minimizes potential for cross-contamination
  • Up to 21-month strip shelf life from date of manufacture — no refrigeration needed

*97% correlation with lab results using Dade Innovin reagent on a Sysmex 560 Analyzer. See package insert for more information. CoaguChek XS PT Test [package insert 05967694001(03)]. Indianopolis, IND.: Roche Diagnostics; 2013

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