MySono U5

Product Overview

With the introduction of the MySono U5, MEDISON brings you a fully

featured ultrasound imaging system to go. Delivering exceptional image

quality and featuring MEDISON’s advanced imaging technologies, the

truly portable MySono U5 offers outstanding versatility and performance

across a broad range of applications at the bedside, in the emergency

room, and beyond.

Featuring the premium system software at the heart of MEDISON’s fullsized

imaging systems, the MySono U5 provides the same wide dynamic

range, advanced image processing tools, and diagnostic precision as

traditional cart-based devices. And with its intuitive user interface and

automated functions, the MySono U5 makes volume acquisition and

evaluation fast and accurate in any environment. 

• Tissue Harmonic Imaging &

Pulse Inversion Harmonics

The MySono U5 supports both Tissue Harmonic

Imaging and Pulse Inversion Harmonics.

Sophisticated probe technology and advanced

processing capabilities provide efficient utilization of

received harmonic signals to give superb image

quality across all imaging applications.

• Auto IMT

Auto IMT speeds up IMT measurement of the Common Carotid Artery for

early diagnosis of increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

• Ergonomic Control Panel

The ergonomic operating panel of the MySono U5 reduces user strain

and speeds up workflow by grouping hot key functions within palm range.


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