Product Overview

With SCHILLER’s unique SP-150 disposable sensors, the risk of cross-contamination is reduced to a minimum. The small, lightweight sensors are low-cost and completely disposable. Simply remove,discard and replace the sensor after each patient performance. No need for desinfection, easy handling and saving time: these are maximum benefits for both patient and physician!

• Combines all the functions of a conventional large
spiro device in one handy unit
• Extremely easy to use
• Top design and top quality
• Excellent value for money
• Very low running and maintenance costs
• For practice use and home visits
• MVV option
• Pre/post comparisons
• Lightning speed data transfer via infrared interface to
• Battery capacity of up to 30 hours
• Disposable mouthpieces designed to minimize the
of cross-contamination
• High-quality LCD with a scale of four shades of gray
Underwater pictures:

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