Metrix® COVID-19 Test

Product Overview

Metrix® COVID-19 Test – A Molecular Lab ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE


  • Molecular accuracy without the wait - Improve clinical outcomes by administering immediate treatment in just 30 minutes.
  • Convenient sampling - The only test with dual-sample types, allowing you to provide the best patient experience possible.
  • Alleviates testing restrictions - Indicated for symptomatic and asymptomatic testing, allowing for screening prior to medical procedures.
  • Simple workflow - Can be performed in any point-of-care setting, with minimal training required.
  • Portable - A compact device that is powered by a USB-C power cord.
  • Eco-friendly - A reusable device that does not have to be thrown away after each use; no batteries required.
  • Intuitive - A maintenance free device with no calibration step required.
  • Convenient - Multicolor test status indicators with direct printed labels.
  • Exceptional Support - Experienced support teams and online training modules to help streamline your testing implementation.
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