OSOM® Trichomonas Test

Product Overview

OSOM® Trichomonas Test

The OSOM® Trichomonas Test is intended for the qualitative detection of Trichomonas vaginalis (“Trichomonas”) antigens from vaginal swabs or from the saline solution prepared when making wet mounts from vaginal swabs.

Features and Benefits
  • The only CLIA-waived rapid test for the detection of Trichomoniasis
  • 95% agreement with culture and wet mount combined
  • Detects the antigen; does not require live organism
  • Results in 10 minutes or less
  • Objective easy-to-read two-color results
  • Controls included in the kit

Description Catalog# Configuration Storage Shelf Life
OSOM® Trichomonas Test 181 25-Test Room Temperature 16 months
OSOM® Trichomonas Control Kit 182 10 Positive Swabs Room Temperature 19 months
OSOM® Vaginitis Transport Set (for use with OSOM® Trichomonas and OSOM® BVBlue) 185 Room Temperature

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