OSOM® Ultra hCG Combo Test

Product Overview

OSOM® Ultra hCG Combo Test

The OSOM Ultra hCG Combo Test is a simple immunoassay for the qualitative detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in serum or urine for the early confirmation of pregnancy.

Features and Benefits
  • 100% Sensitivity & Specificity (Urine); 99.5% & 99% (Serum)
  • Detects ß-core fragments (data on file)
  • Fast - 3 minutes for urine; 5 minutes for serum
  • Room temperature storage
  • CPT Code: Urine – 81025QW/Serum – 84703

Description Catalog# Configuration Storage Shelf Life
OSOM® Ultra hCG Combo Test 1004 25-Test (plus 2 extra for external QC) Room Temperature 18 months
OSOM® hCG Urine Control Kit 134 1-10mL Bottle Positive;1-10mL Bottle Negative Refrigeration 15 months
OSOM® hCG Serum Control Kit 138 1-5mL Bottle Positive;1-5mL Bottle Negative Refrigeration 12 months

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