SemperCare® Nitrile PF

Product Overview

By improving on our manufacturing process, SemperCare/ Co-Polymer Nitrile now provides a better tensile strength and elasticity without sacrificing barrier protection. It has a lower modulus to reduce hand fatigue and provides more comfort. With greater strength, a better fit and feel, you get a nitrile glove that is safer and more durable to work with for longer periods of time.


  • Co-Polymer glove that is made with "fusion bonding"
  • Better elasticity
  • Lower modulus
  • Powder-Free
  • Tested for protection against chemotherapy drugs
  • Manufactured without natural rubber
  • Stronger and more durable
  • Less pressure on fingers for an improved fit and more comfort
  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Eliminates aerosolization of glove powder
  • Eliminates exposure to latex

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