Product Overview

Every Hematocrit counts because every donor counts. And that's why there's UltraCrit™.

Now you can get lab accuracy with a handheld device.

UltraCrit™ is the first and only hematocrit/hemoglobin device to use ultrasound technology. UltraCrit™ has shown an accuracy of <0.4 (when read in tenths), resulting in a decrease in both 'false deferrals' and 'false accepts'.

Just wick a drop of blood into the single-use cuvette and insert it into the device. The hematocrit is displayed automatically in about 30 seconds. It's that easy.


  • Ultrasound technology for high accuracy results
  • Easy to use, hand-held technology
  • Precision:  ≤0.8%CV at 41 Hct
  • Accuracy is <0.4 (when read in tenths)
  • Linearity: 10.3 - 72.0% Hct
  • 30-second result
  • Data transport compatibility
  • No user subjectivity
  • Large display of result
  • Accurate hematocrit or error message displayed; no erroneous readings
  • Provides hematocrit value to allow for standardization for all collections, including whole blood, apheresis and double red cell collections.
  • Can be run on wall power or 4-AA batteries

  • Contain no chemicals
  • 15-month shelf life
  • No tracking of open container stability
  • Validation of cuvettes not required
  • Operating temperature: 10 to 40C (50 to 104F)
  • Storage temperature: 0 to 30C (32 to 86F)

    Quality Control

    • Automatic self-calibration test when powered on
    • UltraChek™ Reference Controls
      • Convenient single use vials
      • No refrigeration
      • No mixing
      • Non biohazardous; no gloves or special disposal needed
      • 18-month shelf life
      • Available in Low, Normal, High
      • Operating temperature: 10 to 40C (50 to 104F)
      • Storage temperature: 15 to 30C (59 to 86F)
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