ESR-Vacuum Tubes

Product Overview
ESR-Vacuum Tubes are evacuated tubes used for the collection of venous blood. ESR-Vacuum Tubes are used to transport and process blood for testing the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) of whole blood in the clinical laboratory. ESR-Vacuum Tubes are available in 1.2ml and 2.0ml vacuum draw configurations, and are designed specifically for use with the ESR-100 and ESR-Auto Plus automated sedimentation rate analyzers. Blood samples are collected in ESR-Vacuum Tubes containing tri-sodium citrate to avoid coagulation. After the tube is mixed, it is placed in the ESR instrument. Each instrument automatically prints or downloads the ESR result in 30 minutes.

Safety Coated ESR-Vacuum Tubes are designed with an outer Mylar® coating that contains glass and blood specimens in the event of breakage, which reduces the risk of injury and potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. An independent packaging consultant reports that Safety Coated ESR-Vacuum Tubes are 10 times more impact resistant than glass collection tubes, significantly reducing accidental breakage.

ESR-Vacuum Tubes for higher altitude locations are also available. The level of vacuum contained within the high altitude tubes is slightly increased relative to the standard 1.2ml product. The increased vacuum allows venous blood collection draws at high elevations to fill all the way to the desired product fill line. Use of the high altitude tubes at lower elevations (~2500 ft above sea level and below) may result in tubes filling well above the recommended product fill line
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