Product Overview

Fetal2-EMR is an advanced technology Fetal Singleton or Twins Monitor with an exceptionally bright color display that provides multiple screen views for enhanced visualization. Through the use of specialized software, NST traces can be moved easily to EMR systems.

Optional battery operation and handle makes Fetal2-EMR a truly portable fetal monitor that can be moved between locations with ease. A 12-hour memory function and easy movement of fetal traces via standard USB Flash Drive to a laptop for transfer to EMR enhances the flexibility of the Fetal2-EMR fetal monitor.

Features and Benefits
  • Multiple screen views.
  • Bright color screen.
  • Singleton or twins monitoring.
  • Windows 7 based specialized software for data management on the PC and transferring images to EMR.
  • USB laptop hookup.
  • Built-in thermoprinter.
  • 12-hour memory.
  • Portability (battery operation optional)
  • Optional cart, fetal stimulator.

Materials Included
  • 2 FHR Probes/Ultrasound Transducer
  • 1 Toco Probe
  • 3 Thermal Paper
  • 1 Event Marker
  • 3 Belts
  • 1 Ultrasound Gel
  • 2 Fuses
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Ground Cable
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 1 Instruction Manual
Educational Resources