Product Overview
The IQholter recorder is small and lightweight, making it easy and comfortable for your patient to wear. The readable, well-lit display and intuitive keypad make clinician navigation and menu control simple.
Midmark IQvitals is an affordable, Windows® based, touchscreen device that provides automated blood pressure, temperature, SpO2 and pulse rate readings with a touch of the screen.
Midmark Diagnostics 625 Barrier Free Exam Table
The Midmark 625 Barrier-Free Power Examination Table with adjustable height and back provides physicians with the capacity and accessibility they need.
Midmark HumanForm 630 Procedure Table
Designed to complement the human body with more natural movement and endless positioning capabilities – it is the new benchmark in patient and provider-centered performance with exclusive features
Midmark IQecg™ Digital ECG
The IQecg™ Digital ECG is a highly advanced and refined system that runs on a conventional Microsoft® Windows PC. Its acquisition and operating costs are dramatically lower than those of old style, stand-alone ECG machines and yet this powerful system packs the most sophisticated diagnostic tools available. Plus, it enables direct acquisition of the ECG data into EMR systems and is backed by the service, support and confidence of Midmark.
Midmark IQScale
A scale that is built into the body of the exam table for no-hassle, accurate and discreet weightings. The handheld control allow simple weight and BMI calculations with a push of the button and send the data to the EMR.
Midmark IQspiro Digital Spirometer
The speed, accuracy and ease of use of the IQspiro™ Digital Spirometer make it a useful, cost-effective device for detecting and managing pulmonary disease. Even if testing for pulmonary disease isn’t a routine part of your patient care strategy now, you’ll be surprised at how efficient and economical it is to add it to your practice.