Product Overview
Autoread Plus
The QBC Autoread Plus Hematology System is reliable and rugged complete blood count analyzer used by thousands of practitioners around the globe. A cost-effective and virtually maintenance free system, the Autoread Plus provides point-of-care CBCs in just 7 minutes.
Horizon 642VES
The Horizon 642VES starts with the world’s best selling Horizontal clinical centrifuge and adds versatility necessary to process specimen ranging from serum, plasma, PPP, PRP, uring and more.
QBC-Dry Hematology
The QBC STAR is the world’s only dry hematology system. All reagents to perform a CBC are contained in one easy-to-use safety tube - that's simple. The QBC STAR eliminates operational steps, bulky reagents, hazardous liquid waste, expensive calibration, and daily controls - that's the best. QBC STAR eliminates what made in-office CBC testing so complicated, bringing you one-step, one-button operation.