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Increased probe sensitivity with comfortable easy-to-hold probes, all hand-held Dopplers include one probe of your choice: Obstetrical: 2MHz, 2MHz Waterproof, 3MHz, and EchoHeart Transvaginal. Vascular: 4MHz, 5MHz, and 8MHz. All probes are interchangeable with all hand-held and table-top Dopplers. Superior sound quality and probe sensitivity eases the exam. User replaceable probe cables.Significant increase in battery life in all of our Doppler systems. Three AA batteries as opposed to tradition

Probe Choices: All probes are interchangeable.

Obstetrical Probes

SD2 - 2MHz Probe

The 2 MHz obstetrical probe is optimized for deep penetration and third trimester pregnancy.

SD3 - 3MHz Probe

The 3 MHz obstetrical probe is optimized for early fetal heart detection and designed for use during the entire pregnancy (It is the best general purpose obstetrical probe).

SDE - EchoHeart Transvaginal 5MHz Probe

The EchoHeart 5 MHz transvaginal obstetrical probe is optimized for earlier fetal heart detection and ideal for retroverted and obese patients. It is used when transvaginal imaging is too costly or inconvenient.

SDW - 2MHz Waterproof Probe

The 2 MHz Waterproof probe is for obstetrical use in water applications, and in the labor and delivery department where the probe needs to be waterproof.

Vascular Probes

SD4 - 4MHz Probe

The 4 MHz vascular probe is designed to ease location of blood vessels. The broad, wide-angle beam has internally tilted crystals that are optimized for quickly locating vessels.

SD5 - 5MHz Probe

The 5 MHz vascular probe is designed to ease location of deeper vessels. The medium width beam and pencil-style shape provides optimum sensitivity and ease of use.

SD8 - 8MHz Probe

The 8 MHz vascular probe is designed to ease location of surface vessels. The narrow beam and pencil-style shape provides optimum sensitivity and ease of use (It is the best general purpose vascular probe).

SUMMIT DOPPLER SYSTEMS, INC. 4680 Table Mountain Drive | #150 | Golden | CO | Summit Doppler Systems is a leading manufacturer of ultrasound Doppler systems used to detect fetal heartbeat and to monitor peripheral arterial and venous blood flow. The people behind Summit have been developing fetal and vascular Dopplers for over three decades and are proud to offer the most advanced Doppler systems available today.
The DigiDop Pocket Doppler NEWMAN MEDICAL
Each DigiDop is equipped with the revolutionary and unprecedented "Digitally Optimized Processing - DOP!". The sounds of fetal heartbeats will be louder and clearer than with any other Doppler available.
The DigiDop Pocket Doppler

• The best part of every DigiDop is what’s inside. We use digital signal processing - similar to that in modern high-end audio equipment - to reduce unwanted background noise and let the real Doppler sounds through bright and clear. We call it DOP - Digitally Optimized Processing. The Doppler with DOP!

• Unlike plastic probe holders, our magnetic probe holder won’t break or weaken with time. Strong magnets hold the probe firmly and safely.

• GO GREEN! Our rechargeable systems cost no more than most competitors’ non-rechargeable units, reduce battery waste and do hundreds of exams before needing recharging.

• For display units, the backlit display is easy to see even in extremes like no light or bright sunlight. In addition to a very accurate heart rate, it shows battery condition, our signal confidence level and probe indicator.
NEWMAN MEDICAL 42 Sherwood Terrace, Suite 2 | | Lake Bluff | IL | It is one simple step to quality lab reports with the PC based simpleABI systems – just fill the report as it appears on the screen – no cutting and pasting strip chart paper – no secondary transferring of data files.
Nicolet Elite™ 100 OB Doppler without LCD Display MED-ELECTRONICS, INC.
Nicolet Elite™ 100 OB Doppler without LCD Display

 Superior Performance, Ultimate Flexibility: 

The Elite 100 from Nicolet Vascular offers everything that you need in a Doppler system. The Elite is a configurable, ultrasound Doppler used to detect the fetal heartbeat and to assist in monitoring peripheral arterial and venous blood flow. The Elite has a comfortable probe shape that makes finding a signal easier than ever before. Elite combines extreme sensitivity and incredibly clear, static-free sound into a compact, pocket-sized package. Plus, the various options can be configured to meet your specific needs. The Elite sets new standards for pocket Doppler performance!

Proven OB performance: 
The comfortable shape of the Elite probe is easy to hold and features broad-beam technology, making it very easy to find and lock onto the signal of interest. Our probe technology has been tested in OB applications for years and is effective in detecting fetal heartbeats as early as 8 weeks in most pregnancies.

High-quality Sound: 
The most important output of any Doppler is the sound. Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) technology provides a crystal clear, static-free signal for the best possible diagnostic information. The large, built-in speaker or optional headset provides reliable sound that can be heard publicly or privately, depending upon the situation.

Optional Recharger: 
Elite provides the convenience of standard 9 Volt alkaline battery replacement or an optional rechargeable 9 Volt battery. Choose to reduce battery replacement or improve utility of the Elite by selecting the recharging option.


MED-ELECTRONICS, INC. 9723 Baltimore Avenue #4 | | College Park | MD | Today we both sell and service medical equipments for physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, fire departments, ambulance companies, home healthcare agencies, universities, & trade schools, both nationally and internationally.