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The HemataSTAT II is a self-contained, portable microhematocrit centrifuge that features an easy-to-use, built-in digital tube reader. To use, spin up to six samples for just 60 whisper-quite seconds, position a tube on the built-in reader tray, and move the slider over the tube, making the three sample interfaces. The quantitative hematocrit result is instantly displayed on the LCD panel. Messages guide the operator throughout the testing procedure.

The Best microhematocrit centrifuge on the market!

Can quickly measure hematocrit in any setting.

The HemataSTAT® is a microhematocrit system. It provides a quantitative hematocrit. The hematocrit method measures the amount of red blood cells in relation to the amount of plasma. The test requires a small blood sample from a finger stick.

HemataSTAT® is also perfect for veterinary use.


  • 60-second spin time
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Built-in digital tube reader with LCD display of prompts and results
  • 6-place rotor
  • Pennies per test to operate
  • Small, lightweight
  • Clear, disposable tube holders for safe and easy clean up in case of sealant blowout
  • Built-in tachometer
  • Optional rechargeable battery available for portability
  • CLIA waived
  • Displays in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish


  • Fill up to six tubes ½ - ¾ full, seal and spin for 1 quiet minute
  • Position a tube on the built-in reader tray
  • Move the slider to each of the three specimen interfaces (sealant/red cells, red cells/plasma and plasma/air), pressing the ENT button to mark each one
  • The hematocrit result immediately displays
  • SEPARATION TECHNOLOGY, INC., PART OF THERMO FISHER 1096 Rainer Drive | | Altamonte Springs | FL | Separation Technology, Inc. providing advanced solutions to the laboratory marketplace since 1988.
    Horizon Horizontal Separation Centrifuge - Model 642 E THE DRUCKER COMPANY
    The Horizon Model 642E is a cost effective horizontal centrifuge with an easy-to-use digital time control for precise spin time every time! The 'one button' operation assures consistent and repeatable runs for perfect separation. The 642E holds six (6) test tubes up to 10mL (up to 17mmx100mm). Includes a '0' RPM safety lid lock. UL/CSA compliant.

    Model 642 E
    6-Place Horizontal Centrifuge / Single Speed, Electric Timer

    Rotor: Horizontal
    Speed: 3,380 RPM
    Force: 1,600 xg
    Capacity: 6 Place
    Test Tube Sizes: up to 17mm x 100mm

    Tube Holders Included
    with Centrifuge

    100mm   75mm

    Operating Features

    • PRECISE PERFORMANCE: Exact repeatability of the digital timer ensures that process runs are exact every time.
    • DIGITAL TIMER: Single button operation; 'press and forget'; can be programmed from 1 to 30 minutes. Memory recall shows time set.
    • BRUSHLESS MOTOR: For smooth and quiet operation with no routine maintenance.
    • Double encased motor with Drucker's unique 'stability mount' assure quiet performance and low out-of-balance vibration.
    • COOL RUNNING: Unique design of the motor housing and rotation chamber allows for cool operation even under the heaviest workloads.

    Safety Features

    • AUTOMATIC LID LOCKING: Centrifuge will not run with lid open; lid cannot be opened while samples are spinning.
    • POSITIVE LID LATCHING: Firm mechanical latching of the lid prevents the escape of glass or debris if there is a breakage or an accident.
    • INDICATOR LIGHTS: Control panel lights inform operator of machine status, (running, latched, unlocked)

    ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION: For strength and durability.

    • CLEAR LID: Offers safe sample observation and optical calibration of speed.


    General Specifications for the Model 642 E Centrifuge

      Nominal Speed*:   3,380 RPM
      Nominal Force*:   1,600 xg
      Maximum Capacity Six-place:   60 ml (6 x 15 ml)
      Overall Dimensions:    
      Height:   8.5 in. (22 cm)
      Width:   11 in. (28 cm)
      Depth:   12.5 in. (32 cm)
      Weight:   18.5 lbs. (8.4 kg)
      Centrifuge Motor:   1/30 HP PSC, AC
      Protection Breaker:   4 Amp. Re-settable
      Timer:   Electronic: 1 to 30 min.
      Max. Power Requirements:   200 Watts
      Voltage:   120 Volts
      Frequency:   60 Hz

    * Given specifications are for the black test tube holders designed for 15ml tubes.


    RED 100mm Tube Holder (P/N: 7713031)

    GREEN 75mm Tube Holder (P/N: 7713033)

    1.0' Tube Cushion (P/N: 1525)
    For spinning 100mm test tubes in the BLACK holder, 75mm test tubes in the RED holder, and 50mm test tubes in the GREEN holder.

    0.25' Tube Cushion (P/N: 9150)
    For use with the 1.0' tube cushion for unique test tube sizes.

    Tube Holder Cap (P/N: 7713011)
    Compatible with all tube holders.

    THE DRUCKER COMPANY | | | | From humble beginnings, The Drucker Company continues the tradition of providing quality centrifuges. With little more than a vision and determination, Ken Drucker purchased the Phillips Company, a St. Louis, Missouri instrument repair company, in 1932. Hard work, superior craftsmanship and unique engineering resulted in a centrifuge design with features far advanced for the time. Success quickly followed and the company was transformed into the business of manufacturing centrifuges.