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The CDC estimates that lead poisoning still affects 250,000 children in the United States each year. What’s worse, 80% of them suffer from undiagnosed lead poisoning because there are no obvious symptoms, and many children do not receive the lead tests recommended at 1 and 2 years of age. CLIA-waived LeadCare II makes it easy to screen young children, providing lab-accurate results in just three minutes. Because LeadCare II only requires 2 drops of blood, it is the perfect complement to the o

CLIA-waived LeadCare® II point-of-care analyzer

The world’s only CLIA-waived blood-lead analyzer, LeadCare II improves clinical outcomes and is ideal for the physicians’ office, health clinic, or outreach-screening program.

Safe, fast, easy, and inexpensive to use, ESA developed LeadCare II with a grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. No more waiting days for expensive lab analysis, or worrying about losing track of a child that needs follow-up care. LeadCare II delivers quantitative blood lead results equivalent to those reported by outside laboratories in just three minutes. It improves patient care by providing on-the-spot results, cuts your staffs' result-tracking and administrative time, and qualifies for reimbursement as a quantitative blood lead test (CPT code: 83655).

  • Point-of-care results in just three minutes – eliminates multiple visits
  • Simple to operate – no special training required
  • Capillary samples (two drops, 50 ìl) – easier for patient, parent, and staff
  • Accuracy and sensitivity you can count on – comparable to reference-lab tests
  • Reimbursable – CPT code: 83655; per-test cost typically less than a reference-lab test

LeadCare II features:

  • Small – 9.0 in x 6.5 in x 3.5 i
  • Lightweight – 2.4 lbs
  • Portable – runs on four AA battery or AC adapter
  • No manual calibration or refrigeration required
  • Completely safe – unique gold electrode sensor contains no mercury or other toxic materials
MAGELLAN BIOSCIENCES 22 Alpha Road | | Chelmsford | MA | Magellan Biosciences, Inc. was established in October 2004 through the combination of ESA Biosciences and Dynex Technologies. Magellan's innovative products include rapid point-of-care systems to screen children and adults for lead poisoning; microbiology products for blood culture and susceptibility testing that help in the global effort to prevent MRSA and other drug-resistant infections; as well as automated ELISA processing systems for a wide variety of immunoassays.