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GE Healthcare today announced the availability of Vscan, a new, pocket-sized visualization tool developed to provide physicians with imaging capabilities at the point-of-care. Roughly the size of a smart phone, Vscan houses powerful, ultra-smart ultrasound technology that provides clinicians with an immediate, non-invasive method to help secure visual information about what is happening inside the body. Vscan is portable and can easily be taken from room to room to be used in many clinical, hosp
The Vscan imaging device offers image quality that until recently was only available as a console ultrasound. Vscan leverages GE’s high-quality black and white image technology and color-coded blood flow imaging in a device that fits into a pocket and weighs less than one pound at 3 inches wide and 5.3 inches long. Other features include:

- An online portal provides Vscan users with training tools for the product and basic clinical applications with sections about imaging technique, anatomy and trouble shooting
- Intuitive user interface that can be controlled using the thumb
- Intelligent workflow enhancements
- Battery charger station and battery life of one hour scanning – good for up to 30 patients based on average of 2 minutes per scan
- Voice annotation
- USB docking station
- Link to a PC for organization and export of data
- Gateway software with services tools and remote diagnostics
GE HEALTHCARE ULTRASOUND 9900 Innovation Drive | | Wauwatosa | WI | At GE Healthcare, we believe an innovative idea can achieve transformational results. We focus on Ultrasound applications that will create new clinical value for you and your patients. Then, we bring them to life through annual breakthroughs within our LOGIQ®, Vivid® and Voluson® product families.
vivid e Core Pack Ultrasound MED-ELECTRONICS, INC.
GE Healthcare has released Vivid e, a laptop-size ultrasound system designed for in-office diagnostics. A part of the popular Vivid line of compact ultrasounds from GE, Vivid e has an impressive array of features.


The Vivid e, the newest member of GE's Compact Series of ultrasound systems, is designed to provide a dedicated cardiovascular ultrasound solution for the Physician Office in a practical, easy to use design. The Vivid e is being showcased at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA) in Chicago... And as a truly portable cardiovascular ultrasound system, you can effortlessly take the small, 4.6 kg (10.1 lb) Vivid e system into more places. Putting GE's technological leadership into more hands.


Comprehensive, diagnostic exams with the confidence building image quality expected from the GE Ultrasound Vivid product line.

Easy-to-use, automatic image optimization - in 2D, color and Doppler imaging - instantly updates thousands of parameters with one keystroke for optimal scanning

Anatomical M-Mode assists with off-axis orientation to make scanning easier


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